Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated: 2020-02-09)

1. When will you release _____?
When it's done. Our quality releases takes quality time. We do this in our free time and for free (as in freedom). We also have real lives outside of this hobby.

2. Can you please work on _____?
Depends. There are certain factors if we pick a title. Though there are some titles we worked on that was based on requests we got from emails. If there are no official English subtitles readily available in a certain title, is still not yet translated by others and there are willing and interested staff to work on the title, we'll probably do it. If you are a translator and want to work on it, kindly contact us at our email,, and we'll do our best to build a team who shares similar interests in working with the title.

3. Can I use your files for other uses? Can I translate them to another language?
As we have no control of our releases, it's alright to use them for other means. Kindly just credit the original staff involved and our group. And even though some things might be lost in translation, if you use our English translated media to translate to another language, you may do so provided you credit the original staff involved and our group.

4. I can't seem to play your videos! Help~!
Our recommended video player is SMPlayer+MPV. Kindly follow the instructions on SMPlayer’s site to enable mpv.

5. Your releases used to say "do not upload to streaming sites" but you are now streaming them?!
Change of times. ^_^

6. I saw that you released _____, but I can't find it anywhere in the downloads! Help~!
If there are official English subtitles readily available for English-comprehending audience, we don't host it anymore. Kindly support the officially English subtitled media. But if it actually doesn't exist, and we have released the title you are looking for, kindly notify us at our email ( about it. We will upload them as soon as possible in the download services we use.

If you have questions unrelated or not discussed above, you can contact us at