Wednesday, 23 December 2015

HO! HO! HO! Happy HOlidays post! Beta version releases & upcoming releases announcement

Sadly, real life always comes first for this hobby, so we don't have anything to release with this post... but just something of an announcement (?) and reminder for me, Ais, and for us mostly.

Some posters of the currently available beta versions

Currently released / available beta versions you might want to check out
- Princess Jellyfish -
- Little Forest: Winter & Spring -
- Assassionation Classroom 1 -
- Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 20-28 -
Some of the stuff coming that are currently being worked on are:
- Next untranslated ep of Sky High 1 (this is personally Ais's priority for now) 
- Shinjuku Swan beta version (done by Team Awesome)
- An episode of Hurricaneger which Ais has been neglecting since he got fed up with translating the same genre (heck, he haven't watched the currently airing Toei Super Hero Time Block shows much because of busyness of real life)
- Some musical H!P related
- Some Utaban ep(s) (we could really use raw hunters for the eps that can provide high quality episodes available somewhere, and good experienced upscale encoders given it's a decade(s) old show)
- Some Shabekuri 007 ep(s)
- Some film(s) that is joint with a good friend in the tokusatsu fan translating community
- Some episode(s) and film(s) of Johnny's-H!P, etc, that is a joint with Ais' good long time friend which he met offline first in JRock event gigs (though knowing her for more than a decade, she's a super fangirl of that Johnny's group which Ais also follows randomly)
- Final(?) / revised / improved versions of the beta versions above ++
- Some magazine scans
- Some series hopefully be released late 2016
- Some film(s) that needs upgrade
- Some film(s) that we would experiment given the film can be bought online & watch via streaming
- Some novel chapters of more than one title
- Some scanlation chapters which the title we just started working on
- Some magazine scan translations
- Some pamphlet scan translations

- And some game(s) yeah, it's more or less a "joint" with another SkewedS department, Next-SkewedS

Also, if you have not noticed yet, I, Ais, have moved the "planned projects". We, well mostly me, Ais, are planning or currently being re-written, here. Haven't fully completed the list transfer yet, but will in due time. 

That being said, we could really use more technical staff (timers, typesetters, encoders, GIMP / Photoshop cleaners, redrawers, etc) so that things would be released relatively faster in our current quality standards. We release in quality not quantity, that's why they're ages slow XD;;

Nothing of the above explicitly mentioned titles are dropped until officially being announced formally, or somebody has already been translated before us :) Kindly do contact us at our email ( if you can help in the technical aspects X3b

HO! HO! HO! Happy HOlidays! X3b