Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tadaima~ We're back~ Status updates~

Yo! It's been awhile. So welcome to our new site. We'll probably use this for a long while given it's free anyway haha
So what's new besides always having low staff and the new site? Some were mentioned in the HanTsuki movie release post, but here is a more or less complete list:
  • Change of name to just SkewedS Translations as we are going to translate novels and other printed media now
  • We're now streaming our releases at Youku (fansubs), Batoto (manga) & Google Drive (novels).
  • Softsubbed fansubs, scripts available to the public
  • Testing of these kinds of encodes for fansubs: x265 for FHD, 10bit x264 for HD, 8bit x264 for SD
  • Change from literal to liberal translations (at least for me, Ais)
  • Stopping with reinventing the wheel
  • Experimenting with crowdsourcing

We're always looking for staff. Kindly consult the recruitment page for details that lists priority projects.

And here are statuses of some of the titles we are working on we can announce after the cut: