Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Officially dropping this as Crunchyroll has licensed the JDrama for streaming (less work for us - YAY!) - Planned Project - Upcoming Summer 2015 JDrama, Death Note

2015-06-23 Update: Crunchyroll has officially licensed the upcoming series for streaming. So we are now officially dropping this project (Yay! Less work for us!).  Kindly support the series by watching through Crunchyroll :D

Anyway, we were actually already working on things related to the upcoming Death Note JDrama even before this news was announced. They are mostly interviews of the cast both in video and printed media. We will most likely still be releasing those for added supplement of the series.

Let's all look forward for this quite hyped JDrama adaptation of Death Note! :D


One-liner version for people with short attention span: We are conveying interest and plan on fan translating and making English subtitles for the upcoming Death Note 2015 JDrama. Subs will be released weekly starting July 2015.

tl;dr version after the cut: (there's no need to read this anymore LOL)

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bound by Shooting Stars ch10

From episode 4 of the JDrama adaptation