Wednesday, 2 October 2019

I''s JDrama complete raws + Extras. English subtitling of the main drama dropped. We'll just probably do the extras

Having now ripped the official English subtitles from Dimsum, a Malaysian streaming site, subbing for this JDrama is now more or less dropped.

Cons - If you've been checking our D-Addicts posts and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk), we got stuck in ep10 of the beta version sadly. We're doing this in our free time and as a hobby after all. Real life commitments always come first. Even though the official English subtitles from Dimsum have relatively different style of translations, they are still quite good.

Pros - Less work for us now and can now move on to other ongoing projects.

I"s JDrama Character Correlation Chart

You can get all the official English subtitles ripped from Dimsum Malaysian Streaming Site at SubScene here -

Thank you for sticking with us till the end.

Please support the JDrama by buying the official digital medias, watching at official streaming sites (dimsum, Netflix Japan, and SkyPerfecTV VOD) and watching them on cable TV (like the WakuWaku Japan channel) if there's a re-air.