Thursday, 25 January 2018

Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen - Yuu Aoi Fangirling to Angerme

She's smiling because Angerme released a new single. X3
Idol groups, specifically all-girl groups, are definitely a big thing in Japan. There was actually a point in time when idol fans, particularly male fans, were considered weird... or downright creepy. Back then, female fans weren't quite as vocal about their love and adoration for a certain group nor were they as active as attending events like the guys.

But the times have changed. The yearly Tokyo Idol Festival has further cemented the popularity of all-girl idols in the Japanese showbiz industry. And with this surge in popularity, even popular celebrities are joining in on the fray and publicly declaring their love for these groups. One good example I can think of is Matsuoka Mayu, who has definitely used her position (consciously and unconsciously, LOL) to give Morning Musume a BIG PUSH (it's a REALLY BIG PUSH, if you ask me).

Yuu Aoi is another example of a celebrity showing idols love. One quick google search would show you that she's a decorated actress, with a ton of awards under her belt. Most people would know her as Megumi Takani from the Rurouni Kenshin live action film and Rize from the Tokyo Ghoul live action film. So imagine MY surprise when I found out that she's an idol wota. What's an even bigger surprise is finding out that she's an Angerme fan. As an Angerme fan, I can definitely say that her support and word is a big push all on its own. Watching her show this side of hers was truly a delight. Anyway, I must stop myself here before I spoil the video. Enjoy!

P.S. Interesting note, the 1st SkewedS project I helped out on was also an Angerme video 3 years ago (the Fukuda Kanon project).

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