Saturday, 18 November 2017

11th Anniversary on the 11th Month - Just another beta version softsubs announcement

11 years ago, it was when we released Jigoku Shoujo Live Action ep1v2. Damn, 11 years already. We're old. Nothing really big about this post but thought I make a post to announce we're really 11 years O_O;;

And also post here some of the beta version softsubs you might have missed:

> Sky High 1 ep3-8 -
> Boku wa Asu Kinou no Kimi ni DEETO suru -
> Oboreru Knife -
> ReLIFE live action movie -
> Cheer Dance -
> P to JK -
> 3-gatsu no Lion Zenpen -
> 3-gatsu no Lion Kouhen -
> Kiseki: Ano Hi no Sobito -

Thanks to Draiken, we recently acquired the untapped DVD raws of Sky High 1 and 2. I'm currently upscaling them using waifu2x which would take awhile. 

An English fansubbed guesting of a distinguished Japanese actress fangirling to a Hello!Project group is currently in QC, so that would be released sooner than later.

We also announced recently we'll be doing Den'ei Shoujo Video Girl Ai 2018 come January 2018 (if it's not going to be licensed for international streaming with English subs), so kindly look forward also to that.

No matter how productive or lazy we become, here's to more years for SkewedS Translations! Cheers!