We are always looking for translators. If you are a translator with a title you want to work on (may it be a video or printed media) and it is not translated to English yet nor is licensed for an English-comprehending audience, we will do our best to build a team who shares the same interest to work with the title.

Listed below though are the higher priority positions:

- Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo 1994 JDrama - Encoder - The raws that are publicly available vary from TV captures and VHS sources and are hard to make the video quality better. If you have good background experience in encoding like him/her, please apply. 

- Juukou B-Fighter - Cleaner(s), Typesetter(s)

- B-Fighter Kabuto - Cleaner(s), Typesetter(s)
- Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo ~after~ - Translator(s), Cleaner(s), Typesetter(s)
- DaiMajin Kanon - Translator(s), Cleaner(s), Typesetter(s)

Kindly contact us at if you are interested.