Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Officially dropping this as Crunchyroll has licensed the JDrama for streaming (less work for us - YAY!) - Planned Project - Upcoming Summer 2015 JDrama, Death Note

2015-06-23 Update: Crunchyroll has officially licensed the upcoming series for streaming. So we are now officially dropping this project (Yay! Less work for us!).  Kindly support the series by watching through Crunchyroll :D

Anyway, we were actually already working on things related to the upcoming Death Note JDrama even before this news was announced. They are mostly interviews of the cast both in video and printed media. We will most likely still be releasing those for added supplement of the series.

Let's all look forward for this quite hyped JDrama adaptation of Death Note! :D


One-liner version for people with short attention span: We are conveying interest and plan on fan translating and making English subtitles for the upcoming Death Note 2015 JDrama. Subs will be released weekly starting July 2015.

tl;dr version after the cut: (there's no need to read this anymore LOL)

Ossu! The last time we actually pulled off a consistent weekly release of fan translations was for ROOKIES. That was 7 years ago! LOL! That feels like an eternity in terms of internet age, darn. Now that I checked our releases of that series, I found a lot of errors because we rushed to finish them in a timely manner. Thus, I have the utmost intention to do a rework. Well, I still don't have enough moolah to buy the BluRay Box Set. T_T So if you can donate the untapped BluRay raws of the series + movie, please do so :D

Anyway, I, Ais, have been a big fan of Obata Takeshi since Hikaru no Go (love his art!). The only other net alias I use these days as a typesetter, zeldAIS, actually comes from “Zelda” which is the internet alias of my favorite Hikaru no Go character, Waya. Some people still assume that I'm actually a big Legend of Zelda fan, which is actually false. I honestly didn't know then that the Nintendo's Legend of Zelda game is such a big franchise LOL! I only heard of it, but since I'm not really into video games, I didn't know it's that big haha

Being an Obata Takeshi fan, I eventually followed his other works even if his writing partner tends to change in every title. Death Note was no exception, and it probably is the most popular title that Obata-sensei has illustrated so far. (The mysterious still unverified) Ohba Tsugumi's so good and smart at writing the manga, too. Heck, the Obata-Ohba duo also spawned another popular series which would also have a live action version, Bakuman. (I also personally feel like the two Amuse actors seem to have switched roles. But then again, both are good actors anyway.)

The current core staff have considered working on fansubbing this when Arama Japan made the announcement last April, even though it seems as if they’re just milking the title for all its worth. There are a lot of noteworthy lolwat announcements regarding liberal deviations from the source material XD;; I mean seriously - Light is just a normal student; L without make up & his eccentricity is toned down; Misa is not a goth girl idol anymore.

I also wonder how Yamazaki Kento will handle two series now, given he's a prominent supporting character in the current NHK asadora, Mare. Kubota Masataka will also be at The Last Cop. Well, I guess the same can be said for Renbetsu Misako playing the lead in the NHK BS premium yorudora, Lunch no Akkochan, when she's also a prominent supporting character in the currently airing KimuTaku drama, I'm Home. I aways liked Kubota Masataka since I was staff at subbing Keitai Sousakan 7 and Koudai Shoujo Dogu-chan. His performance in N no Tame Ni was superb too. Sano Hinako plays an idol yet again, much like her role in the not-so-recent Jigoku Sensei Nube JDrama.

I personally am a bit worried about the CG quality. Will they be able to pull off the important death rippers, Ryuk and Rem? We’ll still give it a chance - at the very least, we’ll watch and release episode 1.

Enough with my random rumblings. Here are some details of this grand plan of ours:

Versions we plan on releasing:
1> beta version
- If you have followed our releases, we (well, mostly me, Ais) would release beta versions of English subtitles that are intended for those who cannot wait. It’s also to avoid these kinds of posts (as I actually wanted to reply to that post but retracted it).
- These beta versions can contain errors in translation, grammar, typo, among others
- SRT softsub version only; will be released and be available at D-addicts
- Hopefully, these versions will be released at most 72 hours after the raws and Japanese captions are available. The sooner the better.
- Will be deleted when v1 is out
2> v1
- translation checked, edited, typesetted in ASS softsub format
- ASS soft subtitles will be released and posted along with the fonts at D-addicts and our site
- specifically made only for the DoA version or if NOP will release a clean version
- muxed version will be released in Nyaa and Mega (links at our site)
- xdelta3 patches for the DoA version will be available at our site (maybe also D-addicts?)
- hopefully this version will released at most 2 weeks after the DoA version is available.
- will be deleted in case there’s a final version for the episode
3> Final version
- intended to be released in the final batch when the series is done
- fix inconsistencies in the v1 version, if there are any
- xdelta3 patches for the v1 version will be released for the final version
- ASS soft subtitles will be released and posted along with the fonts at D-addicts and our site
- batched final muxed versions will be released in Nyaa (deleting the individual episode torrents) and Mega (links at our site)

Staff we are currently recruiting for this specific project:
1> Timer - mostly for time tightening and maybe adding of onscreen text times from the beta version for the v1 version
2> Typesetter(s) - experienced in using Aegisub Motion highly preferable in case there will be craploads of onscreens

Kindly e-mail us at tl.skeweds@gmail.com if you are interested in helping with any of the positions above.

Factors that can cause delay and (at extremes) maybe dropping of the title in English fan translating:
1> Licensed with English subtitles by online streaming sites (even if I personally can't have access to all of them since those are only available in most Western countries)
2> No readily available raws
3> No readily available Japanese captions (via the wonderful people over at JPSubbers)
4> Real life stuff
5> Core staff loss of interest

Let's all look forward to this JDrama version of one of the best manga title from the Obata-Ohba duo! :D

PS: In other news: Kamisama no Karute 2 final version is currently on QC, brushing up and preparing the final version of Hot Road, continuing releasing beta versions of Hurricaneger, and translating on and off a variety show episode where members of C-ute are guests. Also will mention that the digital media of Kuragehime live action movie will be out soon-ish, so look forward for the beta version of that.