Monday, 30 April 2018

Koe Girl ep1v2-2 + PreCure 15th Anniv PVs

This is the original pose of Cure Fortune
A lot of thanks to Precure Junkie, K-o-R, and Kanmuri of CureCom for joining the team for editing and QC of the series. I think most people that have English as their first language would appreciate a lot their edits done from now on. That's why ep1v2 is now earlier than expected (there might be a v3 - but probably just added karaoke for the ending song).

Also special thanks goes out to Momo for pointing out that hard ep2 dialogue at the beginning of the episode. In case you haven't followed our posts in the microblog or the D-addicts thread, it's actually a tongue twister for actresses, voice actresses, and announcers. On page 103 of this book is where we found the translation of the part that was used in episode 2.

Also included in the batch are the promotional videos (PVs) of the PreCure 15th anniversary collaboration with Koe Girl.

Mixed softsubbed HD (eps) & FHD (PVs) mkv - Mega | Magnet
Hardsubbed FWVGA mp4 - Mega | Magnet

ep1v2 Softsub Script - MediaFire | D-Addicts
ep2 Softsub Script - MediaFire | D-Addicts
PVs Softsub Scripts - MediaFire

ep1v2 xDelta3 patch for the ep1v1 with CRC32 [5B967B81] - MediaFire
ep1v2 xDelta3 patch for the GuSTaVauM raw with CRC32 [731F6139] - MediaFire
ep2 xDelta3 patch for the GuSTaVauM raw with CRC32 [009E8A17] - MediaFire

ep1v2 Stream - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)
ep2 Stream - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)
PV 12s Version - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)
PV 15s Version - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)
PV 30s Version - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)
PV 90s Version - DailyMotion (pw: tl-skeweds)

PS: We'll most likely be hiding the links of the released ep1v1