Wednesday, 6 June 2018

After the Rain - Wish in a Pocket 1

Who would have thought we'll be working on this spin off web series this early? I honestly didn't LOL I, Ais, was intending to release it first in beta version, but I don't think I've seen any public raws of this. So might as well release them as v1 versions. The same can be said in the Teiichi no Kuni spinoff series which we'll eventually do (hopefully soon when my mountains of to-translate stuff stops piling up).

"The new mini-series focuses on the relationship between the characters Takashi Yoshizawa and Yui Nishida, who are supporting characters in the original story." - AnimeNewsNetwork.

Hopefully, we can release ep2 of this spinoff series by next week... Hopefully :P

Softsubbed FHD (1920x800) - Mega | Magnet
Softsubbed HD (1280x536) - Mega | Magnet
Hardsubbed FWVGA (854x356) / Stream - Mega | Magnet
Softsub Script - MediaFire | D-Addicts

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