Wednesday, 17 April 2019

I"s JDrama ep09 Raws + Extras

This episode is more or less v10c91-ish to v11c101 where the sequence of the events are changed (though I like the change).

The beta version subtitles of this episode is available at MediaFire, D-Addicts, and SubScene.

Since I'm late releasing the subtitles of these already, sorry that it will be late again as I plan to finish Ie Uru Onna S2 ep3 first before proceeding on translating I"s JDrama ep10. Thank you for understanding.

If you can help us in pre-timing the variety show like raws related to I"s we’ve released so far (Full Chorus #126, Production Announcement Youtube Live, the Thorough Guide, and Scott’s Meow Meow Meow #74, Play.Goose #2, Girls Trip), kindly email us at Thanks!