LILIUM -Lilium Shin'yaku Shoujo Junketsu Kageki- + Nirinzaki (2023) Webrip version

Guess who's back 9 years later with the exact same show?

Jokes aside, following the initial successful run of Lilium with a Hello! Project cast almost a decade ago, here comes the remake with an all new lineup. Featuring 5 new songs on top of the original 16, this rerun truly lives up to the "musical" part of its name.

We're happy to bring the updated Lilium and its attendant prequel, Nirinzaki (Twin Flowers) to everyone this time. Welcome to the Endless Chrysalis! Enjoy your stay.

LILIUM, a Musical for the Girls, Purity 「末満健一スイッチング」 (2023.05.02).[Skeweds][v2023.05.13].ass
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kalidad edit: someone has reported that there is a 500ms delay in the original file that was uploaded. This new subtitle file fixes the 500ms that seems apparent in most players like SMPlayer and VLC Player. Sorry for the mishap!

LILIUM, a Musical for the Girls, Purity 「末満健一スイッチング」 (2023.05.02).[Skeweds][v2023.05.13b].ass