Lady Snowblood and exploring personal tragedies.


Those familiar with the story of Shurayuki-hime immediately think about her dark and violent pursuit for revenge. Everybody loves a good revenge story. 


In our world, we are all Shurayuki-hime. Carrying that feeling of pain and suffering in your heart, wondering if it will ever subside. Feelings of emptiness as you continue to fulfill your routine, working to make ends meet. Past experiences and trauma that continue to creep up on you when you least expect it. 


But beneath all that vulnerability and imperfection... is beauty. Perhaps you’ve experienced small, but meaningful moments of warmth and connection that keep you going. That belief in love and renewal. 


This recent adaptation of Lady Snowblood is a profound and contemplative perspective on life’s complexities and the pursuit of justice and happiness amidst adversity.  


Fifty years from its inception, the story of Lady Snowblood remains relevant. Even today, we are still seeking female empowerment. The recent success of the Barbie movie would seem to suggest that. As a society, we’ve also been trying to readjust from the recent pandemic, to which some of us have experienced our own personal tragedies and loss. In some countries, we hear the frustration of the people who mourn the election of a corrupt and unjust individual who could use their power to exploit the weak, leading to tragic consequences for the innocent people who might be forced to be a cog in their system. 


But if we’re all just pawns in someone's game, then who is to blame? 


With a smile, the government would be willing to tell you. 


All you would need to do is gather here with 270 yen.


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PS: We would also like to ask if you know where we can acquire good quality raws of the sequel of this stage play, "Lady Snowblood and the Eight Villains" (修羅雪姫-復活祭50th- 修羅雪と八人の悪党). As we also plan to make unofficial fan English subtitles of the sequel, it would really help us if someone can provide us good quality raws of it. Thank you.