LILIUM -Lilium Shin'yaku Shoujo Junketsu Kageki- + Nirinzaki (2023) BDrip version


These unofficial fan English subtitles is re-timed and corrected for Blu-Ray release of Lilium and Nirinzaki 2023 version.

The Blu-Ray version has much superior video and audio quality compared to the Webrip. It pretty much has the same dialogues but I am hypothesizing it is frankensteined from different stage dates. It most  likely was audio engineered and the scenes were cut and video edited to make a much improved official release.

There are some places where the dialogue quality were changed as I was puzzled why the timing was suddenly different as it was shorter in the original but longer this time and the dialogue audio was longer and  clearer.

Nirinzaki has slightly different dialogues and timings. I am  hypothesizing also it's the same that it was from different stage dates recordings or was frankensteined too.

Here we are again to the Endless Chrysalis!

『LILIUM -リリウム 新約少女純潔歌劇-』[Skeweds][v2023.10.01].ass
特典映像 『二輪咲』.[Skeweds][v2023.10.01].ass
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