Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Death Note Pre-air Extras

Death Note JDrama Characters Correlation Diagram
As I, Ais, mentioned, in the previous post regarding our proposed (but now dropped) plan to do Death Note, here is our release of subbed pre-air extras of the upcoming JDrama. 

Honestly, I don't know anymore if we'll be able to finish the interview I found from the Weekly Playboy magazine regarding this JDrama. As yeah, I'm still not good and slow in reading Japanese. I should really get that Nihongo Sou-Matome books and make correct / updated Anki decks along with it and diligently study and watch more Atsugiri Jason kanji comedy sketches.

Anyway, kindly support the JDrama by watching them in official channels, mostly on if you live outside of Japan :D

Softsubbed MKV (FHD, HD, FWVGA) - Nyaa | Mega
Hardsubbed MP4 (FWVGA) - Nyaa | Mega

Notes and embedded stream posts (yeah, I kinda figured it out how to do that recently as the streaming site provides FTP upload (which is a lifesaver for me with sucky internet)) after the cut :)




PON! - A news variety show of the same network where Death Note will be broadcasted, NTV.

English articles regarding Thick-sliced / Atsugiri Jason
> Japan Times
> Rocket News 24
> Japanese Level Up

We also plan to fan English translate and subtitle his guesting at Shabekuri 007

Morning drama / Asadora
> Mare (Kento Yamazaki) - Get this wonderful currently airing asadora (I personally am faithfully watching this), fan English translated subtitles from the amazing / crazy people at Heiwa Fansubs

> Hanako to Anne (Masataka Kubota) - This asadora was a huge hit last year that there was even a segment at the prestigious annual NHK Kouhaku Utagassen regarding this title. You can get the fan English translated subtitles of this asadora by mecchaumai here, then by Tails here




> Summer Rescue - Get the fan translated English subtitles, yet again, from the amazing / crazy people at Heiwa Fansubs
> Slackers AsianWiki 

> Algernon ni Hanabata wo - Get the fan translated English subtitles from areea-chan here