Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kamisama no Karute 2

Many of my friends know of my undying love for Arashi, and most especially for Sho Sakurai. It's hard to not like the guy: he's a Keio graduate and a newscaster for NTV's News Zero every Monday, but in variety shows he often assumes the role of someone who's almost incapable of intense physical activities. In that sense, he is able to adjust his behavior in different situations, and that is a joy for me to watch.

However, I have never been crazy about his acting. There are certain roles that suit him, and he does a lot of image training to get a feel of the character. (He mentioned in a show that for Kamisama no Karute, he actually practiced by buying a stethoscope and playing doctor with the Arashi members as his patients. :P) Still, I haven't been generally impressed with Sho's performances so I normally watch dramas or movies having him as the lead actor with lowered expectations.

Butler!Sho can steal me away any time, though. ♥
That lowered expectation was part of my mindset when I decided to line up to watch the first Kamisama no Karute film last 2012. (It was part of the line-up of the Eiga Sai hosted by The Japan Foundation, Manila, and there was a screening scheduled on a weekend so I took the opportunity to watch.) I was actually looking forward more to seeing Aoi MIyazaki and Mariko Kaga, and was a bit worried that they would really outshine Sho despite him portraying the main character. I also knew nothing about the source material, so I was going into the screening with almost no idea of what to expect other than the fact that it's a medical drama.

Thankfully, I genuinely enjoyed the movie and was left with a deep appreciation for human relationships and the preciousness of life. Sho's portrayal of Ichito Kurihara was quite endearing, and I couldn't help but cry in certain parts of the movie. (Although if it is true that Sho requested to have that specific hairstyle I'd probably smack him. I know Ichito didn't care much for his appearance but I don't think having a grandma-like hairstyle is the way to go. XDDDD) The scenes with his wife, Haruna (as played by Aoi), were my favorites in the movie.

So apparently, disheveled doctor hair = grandma hair. You and your logic, Sho. XD
So when Ais asked me to help in the QC for Kamisama no Karute 2, I immediately latched on to it. :D I'll refrain from posting my reactions, but allow me to say that having Tatsuya Fujiwara on board for this film is a really huge plus. Before downloading, though, I highly recommend everyone to watch the first movie if you haven't done so. :D

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