Tuesday, 27 November 2018

We're planning on English subtitling I"s JDrama (if all goes well)

If you've noticed our Plurk microblog, Twitter, Facebook updates, and the 12th anniversary post recently - yes, we're planning on English subtitling the upcoming I"s JDrama. I've already asked some friends who can record the JDrama for us since it will be broadcasted in a cable TV starting December 21, 2018. But there would first be a behind the scenes broadcast on December 15, 2018, which we also plan to work on (even though it'll probably be a pain to subtitle). Let's hope that there would be Japanese captions in the broadcast (if not for now, at least, let's hope it would also be included in Netflix Japan just like Yowamushi Pedal Live Action series which would eventually have Japanese captions).

For now, since I've got nothing else, I've translated (cleaned, and typesetted) the character correlation chart below:
I"s JDrama Character Correlation Chart
Actually, I've been timing, doing on and off on my own, the "trailer" of the I"s JDrama special broadcast of "Actors of a Drama drink at Night in the Town of Shimokita" which are available on Youtube (though region locked only to Japan). Been wanting to fansub both the trailer and the special itself for months now, but I really have a lot on my plate and could use help on them. If you are interested in helping pre-timing the trailer and special (and maybe the upcoming JDrama), kindly email us at tl.skeweds@gmail.com.

Might as well repost here the the image videos of the four main "I" girls in the I"s JDrama (which are region locked to Japan in respective Youtube links):

Iori Yoshizuki

Itsuki Akiba

Izumi Isozaki

Aiko Aso

Though again, this is still a big if by chance we fully acquire good quality raws at least, and (it's actually good news but) the JDrama series would not be licensed outside of Japan with English subtitles (just like what happened when we planned to work on Death Note JDrama way back when).

PS: Speaking of Masakazu Katsura, we're currently also scanlating a manga of Masakazu Katsura as a joint with another scanlation group (besides the Video Girl Ai 2018 manga oneshot which I still have to finish cleaning, translating, and typesetting orz).