Sunday, 6 January 2019

I"s JDrama ep03 Raws + Extras

There would be beta version subtitles first of main episodes and will be released at MediaFire, D-Addicts, and SubScene. The first and second episodes' beta versions are released already in those links. The third episode is underway.

These are the files in this raws batch:

- I''s JDrama 03 (BS Skyper 1280x720 x264 [10-bit] AAC 2.0) [JPTVTS] [EA9FE2AA].mp4
- I''s JDrama Twitter Video 190102 1738H JST [SkewedS-Raw] [HD] [Twitter-Rip] [7B85F18E].mp4
- Play.Goose #2 181222 - Migiwa Takezawa - yesterdays + talks [SkewedS-Raw] [HD] [Youtube-Rip] [ACA35E9E].mp4

Also, I messed up with the correct names of the past twitter videos. The timestamps should be GMT+7 (not GMT+9). Will eventually correct that when we release the subbed versions.

If you can help us in pre-timing the variety show like raws related to I''s we've released so far (Full Chorus #126, Production Announcement Youtube Live, the Thorough Guide, and Scott's Meow Meow Meow #74, Play.Goose #2) kindly email us at Thanks!

We are still looking for interested pre-timers for Chihayafuru Kami no Ku, Shimo no Ku, Tsunagu, and Musubi Blu-Ray extras. Kindly email us ( if you are interested in pre-timing.