Saturday, 19 January 2019

Video Girl Ai 2018 SP Raws

Raws for now. Thanks to JPopSuki for providing the untapped raw ts file. Believe me when I say that this encoding is far better compared to the older encodings (which I think we won't use in the batched final version) which we released in the main series. Thanks also to GuSTaVauM for guiding me in using VapourSynth that I finally got it to work in my Linux main desktop computer (with working audio finally (and yes, I'm next to always use Linux as the main operating system)).

There would be beta version English subtitles first of this Special and would be released in MediaFire, D-Addicts, & SubScene. It is currently underway and will just post in our social media accounts (Plurk, Twitter, Facebook) once we released the beta version English subtitles. There would eventually be v1 / Final versions to follow.

And yes, we plan to work on the one that's gonna follow this special that's been teased in the final scene and announced after the ending song sequence (along with those that's been announced all around the internet).