SPECTER (2015) and also, Happy 15th Anniversary to Skeweds Translations!

As tweeted here, honestly, it was not intended that we would release this in time for Skeweds Translations' 15th Anniversary as we have nothing planned to release on this day. But a few days ago, finally got in contact with Estrea and got kalidad to finish quality checking this stage play. And here we are. Happy 15th anniversary to Skeweds Translations!

Checking the logs, this project has been in the works since 2018 or earlier. HayamiUmika said she even used waifu2x for encoding, which took a week for her in upscaling all of the frames (which was last 2018 or earlier?). Anyway, sorry for the wait! If time and effort permits, we might do Grand Guignol, Cocoon, Marigold, Kuro Sekai, and other titles in the TRUMP franchise.

You can check out the English subtitles of TRUMP - Truth Version here and LILIUM - Girls Purity Musical here.

Support the franchise by buying the DVD of SPECTER here at Amazon.